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Mass Media and People Power

Crispin Maslog (Author)   

ISBN: 971-10-1346-2

Cover: Paperback
Available: Yes

This book gives a bird’s eye view of the evolution of Philippine media-from ancient times to the present. It includes discussion on the early Philippine media- the folk media, sometimes referred to us indigenous media. The history of mass media, as we know them today- books, journals, newspapers, radio film, television – from 1593 to today follows in the next chapter. The historic role of mass media in the two People Power Revolutions in 1986 and 2001 in the sixth military coup attempt against the Cory Aquino administration is discussed in details in four hours chapters. In 2001, the newest media- the social media- played a crucial part. These events of historic proportions deserve to be highlighted for the sake of our youth who were not yet born at the time.

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