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Historical Bulletin, Vol 34 (1998-2000) RP-US Relations
edited by:Cesar

Historical Bulletin, Vol 35 (2001-2003) Terrorism
Philippine Historical Association edited by:Pobre, Cesar P.

Hope for Families
Sawin, Margaret


House of Images
Enriquez, Mig Alvarez

House of Jacob
Daroy, Ester V.

How Democracy was Lost
Espiritu, Augusto C.


How to Earn Overseas
Andres, Tomas D.

Human and the Holy
Elwood, Douglas & Nakpil, Emerito

Human Relations and Social Developments Anthropological Thoughts on Social Dynamics
Edited by Nishimura, Masao


Human Resource Management in the Philippine Setting
Andres, Tomas D.

Human Resource Training and Development
Andres, Tomas D.

Human Rights
Elwood, Douglas


I am a Promise
Jara, Lito S.

I Didn't Want To Say Goodbye
Sawin, Margaret

I Remeber...Travel Essays
Hidalgo, Cristina


Ilocano Harvest
Alcantara, Pelagio & Diaz, Manuel

Ilocano Responses to American Aggression 1900-1901
Scott, William Henry

In Burning Ambush: Essays 1985-1990
Casper, Leonard


In Search of Filipino Leadership
Lupdag, Anselmo

In Summing Up
Lansang, Teodosio A.

In the Fulness of Time
Sarreal, Nadine


In Time of Hesitation
Bresnahan, Roger

Incredible Transformation of J. Dela Paz
Brevern, Marilies V.

Index Guide for Travellers in the Philippine Islands
Jaime Escobar y Lozano


Initial Encounter Vol. 1
Valentino, Sitoy

Institutional Planning & Development
Maquiso, Melquizedek

Intimations of Divinity: In Creation, History, and Human Beings
Oracion, Levi


Into the White Hole
Espino, Jose Ma.

Introduction to IT & OpenOffice.Org
Charmagne Feria

Inventing A Hero
May, Glenn Anthony


Inventing Myself
Santiago, Merriam

Inverted Pyramid
Bernad, Miguel

Iranun and Balangingi
Warren, James F.


Jesus Christ for Today's Filipino
Yatco, Nicomedes

Jesus Christ: His Life and His Church
Baxter, Margaret

Jose & Cardo
Manuel, Peggy


Jose Rizal: Buhay, Mga Gawa, at Mga Sinulat
Gregorio F. Zaide Sonia F. Zaide

Journey to the Andes
Miguel A. Bernad S.J.

Joy and Addy visit the Dentist
Gamboa, Aurora


Justices of the Supreme Court Vol. 1
Sevilla, Victor

Justices of the Supreme Court Vol.2
Sevilla, Victor

Justices of the Supreme Court Vol.3
Sevilla, Victor


Ka Gaby (Nom de Guerre)
Jr. Lim, Paulino

Kangkong 1896
Alabado, Ceres S. C.

Koleksiyon: Mga Kuwento ng Buhay
Teresita Manaloto-Magnaye