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Fertilizer for Rice
Beebe, James

Festival of Asian Christmas Music

Fiction by Filipinos in America
edited by:Brainard, Cecilia M.


Fiesta People
Protacio, Josefina

Filipina 1

Filipina 2


Filipino Family Cookbook
edited by :Villanueva, Eva S. and Poethig, Eunice P.

Filipino Images
Mulder, Niels

Filipino Writers in English
Valeros, Florentino B. and Gruenberg, Estrellita V.


Tiempo, Edilberto

Find Me Another Jewel and Other Stories
Bautista, Paulina

Fire in My Bones
Kawata, Teruo


Fire is Easy
Boal, Barbara

Clasper, Paul

Fireworks in the Sky
Casper, Leonard


First and last Fruits
Demetillo, Ricaredo

Flying on Broken Wings Stories of Courage in Overcoming Disability
Grace D. Chong

For the Love of Mike
Wirt, Sherwood Eliot


Fortress in the Plaza
Casper, Linda

Fotune and Glory
Mazo, Conrad S.

Fragrance of Tina and Other Stories
Loque, Rufino


Free within Prison Walls
Arienda, Roger & Roque, Marichelle

From Ibalon to Sorsogon
Dery, Luis Camara

From Now to Pentecost
Hawkins, Elza


Game that Never Ends
Coulthard, John

Gandasulit sa Pakikipagtalasrasan
Orsal, Cesar D. and Medina, Felipa

Gatan and Talaw
Montero, Jaime


Geometris Bright and Dark
Espino, Federico

Gethsemani and Other Poems
Karmeli, Gabriel Joseph

Go . . . and Make Disciples
Krass, A. C.


God in the Heart
Morantte, P. C.

God's Beloved Son
Vaño, Manolo

Goodbye to Winter
Feria, Dolores


Goodness of Marriage
Biddle, Jr., Perry H.

Handbook for visitors to the.U.S.A
Rohrlich, Beulah

Abrera, Dette


Hang the Dogs
Couttie, Bob

Hanging Di-Namamatay
Alonto, Z. & Manginsay, E.

Happytime of an Ilocano Boy
Pascual, Benjamin


Hazards of Distance
Casper, Linda

Hazards of Memory
DaRoy, Vallado

Hear the wind turning and other stories
Cammayo, Ines


Heart, O heart
Ma. Espino, Jose

Her son, Jose Rizal
Goquingco, Leonor

Hidden Light
Santiago, Luciano