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Could the Military Govern the Philippines
Selochan, Viberto

Moore, Lina Espina

Culture Currents of World Music
Faurot, Albert


Dalawang Dula ni Clarissa sa Ecolohiya
Regis, Emelina G.

Death in the Cordilleras
Reyes, Gracianus

Death of the English Zen Professor
Lim, Paulino Jr.


Democracy among the Mountains
Bundok, Pedro

Deuterium/ Mga Idolong Romantiko
Noriega, Bienvenido Jr. M.

Development Anthropology
Kikuchi, Yasushi


Fernando, Ricardo

Dictionary of Social Work
Guzman, Leonora S. De

Did you know?
Morito, Gina S.


Did You Know? Vol. 2
Gina S. Morito

Discovering the Original Jesus
Vano, Manolo O.

Dissolving the Colonial Bond
Gleeck, Lewis


Distant Echoes
Borrinaga, Irah

Divine Symphony
Karmeli, Gabriel Joseph

Do You Really Suppose
Echevarria, B-Ann


Doctor in Bataan 1941-1942
De Veyra, Manuel

Doctor to the Barrios
M.D. Flavier, Juan M.

Double Jeopardy
Reyes, Gracianus


Double Take
Hamada, Margarita

Double-check Your Workplace English
Keeler, Richard G.

Reyes, Gracianus and Allego, Antonio


Dualistic Unionism and Industrial Relations
Ramos, Elias

E.J. Halsema: Colonial Engineer
Halsema, James

Eastern Paths and The Christian Way
Clasper, Paul


Edades: Kites and Visions
Ingle, Lydia

Emigrants, Entrepreneurs and Evil Spirit
Griffiths, Stephen

English in Nutshell
Edades, Jean G.


Enhancing Organizational Performanceand Productivity
Andres, Tomas D.

Equipments, Pictorials and for a While : Revised Edition
Elizabeth P. Ong

Errante Golondrina
Ofilada, Macario


Escape! Charito Planas: Her Story
Fortich, Chick

Joy, H. Wendey

Ethnography of the Major Ethnolinguistic Gropus in the Cordillera
Cordillera Schools Group, Inc


European Politics
Hidalgo, Cecilia

Even In Savage Bossoms
Cecelie Salvador Longid

Everybody, I Love You
Poethig, Eunice


Everyday Politics in the Philippines
Tria Kerkvliet, Benedict

Exemplar of Americanism
Sullivan, Rodney

Exits and Entrances
Amador, Zenaida


Family Enrichment with Family
Sawin, Margaret

Tiempo, Edilberto K.

Feature Writing for Filipinos
Genove, Maria Cecilia M.