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Awkening to Mission
Giordano, Pasquale Thomas

B1 Gang Mysteries Case File No. 13 Sumpa ng Mombaki
Armin T. Santiaguel II

B1 Gang Mysteries Episode1, Book 2
Santiaguel II, Armin T.


Back to the Barrios
M.D. Flavier, Juan M.

Ochosa, Orlino A.

Bantayog ni Inang Bayan: Panibagong Sulyap sa mga Bayani ng 1896 Himagsikan
Luis Camara Dery


Barter in Panay
Demetillo, Ricaredo

Basic Upland Ecology
Rice, Delbert

Beating the Odds
Serrano, Cecilia


Beyond Futility
Cruz, Isagani

Beyond Images
Cabie, Honor

Bikol Blend
Owen, Norman G.


Bikol-English Dictionary
Mintz, Malcolm & Britanico, Jose

Orsal, Cesar D.

Bongbong at Kris / Batang Pro
Noriega, Bienvenido


Bonifacio's Unfinished Revolution
Villanueva, Allejo L. Jr.

Brother to the Wind
Morantte, P.C.

Buksan Mo Ang Aming Mga Labi
Feliciano, Francisco


Busman's Holiday
Garcia, Jessie

Campus Style Book
Maslog, Crispin

Cebuano Harvest
Moore, Lina Espina


Niguidula, Lydia N.

Cels Talk
Collantes, Dennis P.

CEO Business Fables
Jeong, Kwang-Ho translated by Hong, Sinae and Sibley, John


Chaka Chronicles
Jolbitado, Bobbi

Child Psychiatry in Asean Countries
Bolman, William & Maretzki, Thomas

China and the Overseas Chinese
Cariño, Theresa Chong


Scott, William Henry

Choice of Technology in Foresty
Saarman, Jan & Virtanen, Klaus

Christ and Culture in Asia
Adams, Daniel J.


Christ in Philippine Context
Elwood, Douglas J. & Magdamo, Patricia

Christian Patriotism
Lim, David S.

Christianity Worldwide
Pirouet, Louise


Chronicles and Dispatches
Salanga, Alfredo

Clarkfield and the U.S Air Corps in the Philippines, 1919-1942
Richard B. Miexsel

College Algebra
Dayrit, Benjamin,Calderon, Jose and Macapagal, Ellen


Colonial Accounts
Compiled by National Historical Commission of the Philippines

Color of Sky
Lenny Kaye Bugayong

Communicating Cross-Culturally
Maggay, Melba


Communication, Values and Society
Maslog, Crispin C.

Community Development
Andres, Tomas D.

Contemporary Theater Arts
Fernandez, Doreen


Contraception by Surgery
Oblepias, Virgilio

Cordillera Tales
Retold and illustrated by:B, Ma. Luisa

Salanga, Alfredo