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Triumph of Moro Diplomacy
Laarhoven, Ruurdje

Truth and Power
Monk, Paul

Twenty Longest Days
Van Vactor, Lloyd & Washburn, Lindy


Twilght of a Poet
Dizon, Paulo

Twilight of a Hero and Other Works on Rizal
Crisostomo, Isabelo T.

Two Liberation Plays
Enriquez, Mig A.


Uncrystallized Philippine Society
Kikuchi, Yayushi

Under God's Umbrella
Valencia, Jose

Understanding and Muslim
Gowing, Peter


Understanding Iran
Mariano Dumia

Understanding Psychiatric Nursing Practice

Understanding the Filipino
Andres,Tomas D.


Understanding Values
Andres, Tomas D.

Unwise & Otherwise
Valencia, Ernesto B.

Upon The Willows and Other Stories
Torrevillas, Rowena


Urbanization and Formation of Ethnicity in Southeast Asia
Toh Goda ed.

Vignettes of Bicol History
Mallari, Francisco S.J.

Villa Magdalena
Santos, Bienvenido


Santos, Bienvenido

Wage Labor and Social Change
Pinches, Michael & Lakha, Salim

Wainright Papers Vol.1
Ancheta, Celedonio


Walking with a Troublemaker
Rice, Delbert

Walong Kuwento ng Pag-Ibig
Magnaye, Teresita

War Memories of The Alcala Veterans
Marquez, Alberto


Week of The Whales
Deriada, Leoncio

What Asian Christian are Thiking?
Elwood, Douglas

What the Hell for You Left Your Heart?
Santos, Bienvenido


What Time The Rally Start?
Dagot, Edilberto

Whims of Time
Levin, Agnes

White Horse of Alih and Other Stories
Enriquez, Mig A


Who are You, Filipino Youth?
Scott, William Henry

Why Live for God and How
Daniel Espiritu

Why the Kalaw Wears Casque?
Menez, Annie R.


Wings of Stone
Casper, Linda Ty

Wings over the Philippines
Tony Dedal

Woman Sense
Castrence, Pura S.


Woman with Horns and Other Stories
Brainard, Cecilia

Workers with Christ
Sawyer, Harry & Mitchell, David

Wounded Stag
Santos, Bienvenido


Yawning Gap
Gonzaga, Crescenciano

You Can Be a Feature Writer
Santos, Lizzie R.

Zyzyskqa's War and Other Stories
Lay, Peter W.