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The Man of Masda
Brogan, Isabel

The Man Who Looked Like Robert Taylor
Santos, Bienvenido

The Night I Cry and Other Stories
Enriquez, Antonio


The Novice of Qumran
Brogan, Isabel

The Old Testament: A Survey
Christie, Alexander

The Passion of Jovita Fuentes
Peter Solis Nery


The Path to Liberation
Whelchel, James R.

The Philippine Revolution in the Bicol Region Vol. 2
Elias M. Ataviado

The Philippines is in the Heart
Bulosan, Carlos


The Photographs and Other Stories
Maayo, Geraldine

The Pope's Confessor and Other Stories
Murphy, Denis

The Power of Persuasive Parenting
Sala, Harold


The Praying Man
Santos, Bienvenido

The Quest for Truth
Teoxon, Lucio

The Quite Ones Speak
Rice, Delbert


The Right Molecule
Verzosa, Purification

The Sky's the Limit
edited by:Bautista, Bezalie P.

The Tagbanua of Malampaya Sound: Conserving Nature as Lifeways
Raoul Cola


The Theology of Christian Churches Vol. 2
Matheny, Paul

The Thing About Office
Babbs, Liz

The Thing About Stress
Babbs, Liz


The Things About Calories
Babbs, Liz

The Tinio Brigade
Ochosa, Orlino A.

The Tithe (A Rewarding Act of Faith)
Lord, Charles Harvey


The Word at Work, From A to Z
Van Horne, Marion

Theological Ferment
Clasper, Paul

Theological Themes for The Philippine Church
Dominguez, Arsenio & Edith


Theology in The Philippine Setting
Tano, Rodrigo D.

Theology of The Old Testaments
Hinson, David F.

Theology of The Old Testaments
Hinson, David


Thinking Better
Minchinton, Jerry

Third World Opera
Dumdum, Simeon

This Time Yesterday and Other Stories
Allego, Antonio


Three Philippine Epic Plays
Enriquez, Mig A.

Three Philippine Ethnic-Hero Plays
Enriquez, Mig A.

Three Tombs and Other Stories
Nolasco, Domingo


Three-Concerned Sun
Casper, Linda

Tiger Orchids on Mt. Mayon
Lim, Paulino Jr.

To Be Free
Tiempo, Edilberto K.


Toward A Theology of People Power
Elwood, Douglas

Trade and Textiles
Field, Alfred

Triumph of Moro Diplomacy
Laarhoven, Ruurdje


Truth and Power
Monk, Paul

Twenty Longest Days
Van Vactor, Lloyd & Washburn, Lindy

Twilght of a Poet
Dizon, Paulo