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Surat Binisaya
Rolando Borrinaga

Survival Tips for Students
Byrne, John

Survivcal Tips at Work
Byrne, John


T.D. Agcaoili Collected Stories Vol.1
Agcaoili, T.D.

T.D. Agcaoili Collected Stories Vol.2
Agcaoili, T.D.

Tales from the Barrio
Boquiren, Tomas


Tatlong Dula
Avena, Mauro

Team Building and Creative Effective Work Systems
Andres, Tomas D.

Telling Triple
Allego, Antonio


Temporary Mess
Jara, Lito S.

Tenacity of the Spirit
Bastian, Thomas

Tend My Sheep
Taylor, Harold


The 1972 Constitution
Santiago, Mirriam

The Aeata at the Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines
Seitz, Stefan

The Alien Corn
Tiempo, Edith L.


The Anti-Marcos Struggle
Thompson, Mark

The Balangiga Conflict Revisited
Borrinaga, Rolando O.

The Bamboo American
Hoffman, Richard


The Battle of Ising
Marie Vallejo

The Bearer of Pax Americana
Escalante, Rene R.

The Beast, The Harlot and The Lamb
Astorga, Ma. Christina


The Beautiful Chick
Pinta, Thanom & Rodriguez, Gloria

The Bell Ringer and Other Stories
Albis, Abelardo

The Bells of Balangiga
Eleonor Mendoza


The Best of Larry Alcalas Mang Ambo (Book2)
Alcala, Larry

The Best of Mang Ambo
Alcala, Larry

The Best of Pugad Baboy
Jr. Medina, Pol


The Best of Pupung
Young, Tonton

The best of Pupung 0
Tonton Young

The Best of Simo and Friends
Dionela, Edgar G.


The Best of Simo Book 2
Dionela, Edgar G.

The Chair
Hermoso, Elizabeth

The Clu Story
Abaya, Hernando


The Colonial Odyssey of Leyte (1521-1914)
Borrinaga, Rolando O. and Kobak, Cantius J.

The Crisis of an Idea
Elwood, Douglas J.

The Discovery of the Igorots
Scott, William Henry


The Effective Manager
Andres, Tomas D.

The Enduring Ma-aram Tradition
Magos, Alicia P.

The Enduring Ma-aram Tradition
Magos, Alicia


The February Revolution and Other Reflection
Bernad, Miguel

The Fight for Freedom
Nieva, Antonio A.

The Filipino Martyrs
Sheridan, Richard


The Filipino Saga
Cortes, Rosario M.

The First Advance
Foster, John

The Latest of Larry Alcalas Mang Ambo
Alcala, Larry