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100+1 Banana Recipes
Created and tested by the Banana Export Industry Foundation (BEIF)

365 ways to Make the Most of Your Marriage
Janvrin, Juliet & Selleck, Lucy

40 Arguments to Avoid: Short Logic Lessons for Servant Leaders
Espiritu, Daniel


50 Ways to a Better Life
Sercombe, Andrew

52 Things You Can Do to Raise Your Self-Esteem
Minchinton, Jerry

A Broken Mirror
Woods, L. Shelton


A Frabjous Day
Santiago, Meriam D.

A Guide to 1 Corinthians
Hargreaves, John

A Guide to Acts
Hargreaves, John


A Guide to Philippians
Hargreaves, John

A Guide to Psalms
Hargreaves, John

A Guide to Religions
Brown, David A.


A Guide to Romans
Bowen, Roger

A Guide to St. Mark's Gospel
Hargreaves, John

A Guide to the Book of Genesis
Hargreaves, John


A Guide to the Parables
Hargreaves, John

A History of the Inarticulate
Dery, Luis Camara

A Modular Approach in general Inorganic Chemistry
Chem. Dept., Trinity University of Asia


A Philippine Odyssey
Layug, Benjamin Locsin

A Priest to the World
Kwantes, Anne

A Quality of Sadness
Maayo, Geraldine


A Sun in the Clouds
Villanueva, Alejo

A Walk through War Memories in Southeast Asia
Shinzo Hayase

A Woman Pope
Murphy, Denis


A Year to Remember
Alcantara, Adriana C.

Abide, Joshua and Other Stories
Tiempo, Edith L.

Across the Seas
Sievert, Antonio R.


Infante, Eddie j.

Afternoon Tea & Other Stories
Peralta, Tina

Agents of Apocalypse
De Bevoise, Ken


AGuide to the Revelations
Van Daalen, David H.

Akademikong Filipino sa Komunikasyon
Zorayda L. Alejo

Dadap, Jerry


All Things to All Men
Feliciano, Evelyn

Alternatives to Violence
Elwood, Douglas

Always Theres a Thud
Magno,Rosa Maria


An Animal ABC
Edades, Jean

Ang Katutubo at Dalawang Pang Dula
Queaño, Nonilon

Ang Mensahe ng Krus
Dr. Jaerock Lee


Angles of Vision
Bresnahan, Roger J.

Aristocracy of the Mind
Olivar, Cecilia

Art of Success
Hoo, Kim


Artisans and Enterpreneurs
Rutten, Rosanne

At the Edge of Southeast Asian History
Warren, James Francis

Moll-Yuboco, Maryanne