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Art of Success
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble
Press Release : ““Great Read” for Young Adults and Yuppies”

If you’re in search of an apt gift for someone who will soon take that big step to “conquer the world,”"Sorry to Burst Your Bubble," by New Day Publishers may be the kind of gift you’re looking for.

Its author, Yay Padua-Olmedo , who teaches Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Southville Foreign University, subtitled the book, “Life Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Dreamer” and dug deep into the life of Joseph of Genesis, the first book of the bible, and juxtaposed his life lessons against modern-day and familiar issues that modern youth face today."

She says, “I’ve witnessed how a lot of young people took their lives for granted. I’ve also seen how supposedly successful corporate honchos failed miserably in their relations, in spite of having reached the top. This book is an attempt to establish the foundation for real success.” "

Ray An Fuentes, widely-sought evangelist and teacher, original member of the popular entertainment group New Minstrels, describes the book as, “Fast-paced… direct to the point… loaded with precious insights and nuggets of wisdom. Someone should have written this when I was growing up--- I wouldn’t have messed as much. Anyone, not just the young people of today, would definitely benefit from the truths written in this book. Meditated and applied, it would help us miss the mess in life. Great read.” "

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble is now available at all leading bookstores. Email for more details.