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Art of Success
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble
Press Release : “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble”

The 700 Club Asia will feature on their show New Day Publisher's latest book SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE on Wednesday, August 13, over Q11 at 11:30 PM. An interview of the author, Ms. Yay Olmedo, will also be included. A three-part segment running from 1 to 3 minutes will be devoted to promoting the book.

The book, subtitled "Life Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Dreamer," digs deep into the life of Joseph of Genesis, the first book of the bible, and juxtaposes his life lessons against modern-day and familiar images like exams, ants, gold, ensembles, the "fear factor"--word pictures which have been cleverly used to paint nuggets of wisdom with which readers can easily relate.

Ray-An Fuentes describes the book to be " to the point, loaded with precious insights and nuggets of wisdom. Someone should have written this when I was growing up--I wouldn't have messed as much. Anyone, not just the young people of today, would definitely benefit from the truths written in this book. Meditated and applied, it would help us miss the mess in life."

An excellent read for yuppies and the not-so-young who wish to know their life's purpose and direction, Sorry to Burst Your Bubble is now available at all leading bookstores. Email for more details.